For Social Betterment

Women and Youth Empowerment Trust


We work in partnership with Omni Academy for Education, Training and Development to facilitate research projects which are linked to our overall directive and intent. We aim to be an institution that helps with policy creation and the betterment of policy implementation.

Skills Development

We work in partnership with Omni HR Consulting to consult, craft and implement various skills development initiatives. The organisation has a track record of being able to implement, manage, monitor, and evaluate large scale Skills Development Solutions.


It is the intent of The WYE Trust to procure investment in business areas with growth potential as set out by the National Development Plan (NDP). And to quote: “This plan envisions a South Africa where everyone feels free yet bounded to others; where everyone embraces their full potential.


The Women and Youth Empowerment (WYE) Trust was founded in 2018 with the main directive to help solve the “societal problems” of education and employability of women and youth that has been historically left out of the equation. It is our ethical responsibility to give back and help chart a future that allows for equal opportunity.

The WYE Trust will therefore work in partnership with funders, donors, and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Schemes to the benefit of the beneficiaries of the Trust (Women and Youth) to ensure access to quality education post-school and education for employability.

Business Development Assistance

The WYE Trust works with organisations which choose to develop and enhance their business operation. The intent of Business Development Assistance is to craft Enterprise and Supplier Development Solutions that would be beneficial to all stakeholders.

Recruitment and Selection of Beneficiaries

We work in partnership with organisations to recruit and select suitable candidates for consideration in various agreed upon Skills Development Solutions. Candidates aptitude and their ability to become positive role players in the South African workforce is critical to the success.

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With reference to the National Development Plan (NDP):

By 2030, South Africa needs an education system with the following attributes:

  • High-quality, universal early childhood education
  • Quality school education, with globally competitive literacy and numeracy standards
  • Further and higher education and training that enables people to fulfill their potential
  • An expanding higher-education sector that can contribute to rising incomes, higher productivity, and the shift to a more knowledge-intensive economy
  • A wider system of innovation that links universities, science councils and other research and development role players with priority areas of the economy

Our Executive Team

Elizabeth Thabethe


She served as Deputy Minister of Tourism, having previously served as Deputy Minister of Small Business Development and Deputy Minister of DTI.She has been a Member of Parliament since 1994.

Lize Moldenhauer


Lize has been at the helm of Omni HR Consulting for the past decade. Having formed the company with fellow Directors in 2009, the organisation continues to grow under her entrepreneurial leadership.

Angie Motshekga


She is a  South African politician and the Minister of Basic Education as from 2009. She has  been president of the African National Congress Women’s League.

radi van zyl


Radi is passionate about creating transformation within civil society, through the creation of job opportunities whilst advocating the South African Transformation Agenda within industry, multi-national companies and political organisations. 

brian weyers


Brian has worked within the Retail Corporate arena for over two decades. First appointed as Director of Shoprite Holdings in 1997. In his tenure he served on the Social Ethics Committee and held positions of Marketing Director and General Manager of Product Development.

Our Partners